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Safety Information

This page provides links to the electronic repository for safety documents prepared for use in the Centre for Atmospheric Science. Links to current safety handbooks and blank forms on the university website are also provided (access to these will require additional login). Information on the CAS repository can be updated by Keith Bower (Fieldwork) and Michael Flynn (General), please send completed forms to the appropriate individual once they have been signed off by your supervisor.

Advice on health and safety matters can be obtained from the following individuals:
- Your Supervisor (General advice and health and safety related to your work)
- James Allan - Radiation
- Michael Flynn - Lasers / General Lab Work / Risk Assessment / COSHH / Fieldwork / Electrical / Working at Height
- Keith Bower - Fieldwork
- Abby Ragazzon-Smith - COSHH
- John Waters - Deputy School H&S Advisor
- Chris Bamber - Deputy School H&S Advisor
- Cath Davies - School H&S Advisor

CAS Safety Documents

Guidelines - Safety related information relevant to activities undertaken in CAS, which have been found useful by other members of the group. When using material from this folder it is the users responsibility to check back to the original / authoritative source for any changes or updates.

Manuals - Instructions relating to CAS specific infrastructure in the Simon Building.

Records - Documentation of risk assessments, electrical testing etc. arranged as follows:

Aircraft - Safety documentation, instructions, and training records relating to instruments operated on the FAAM 146 aircraft.

Electrical - Records of electrical testing carried out by CAS staff (does not include records of testing carried out by contractors).

Ladders and Heights - Ladder inventory and inspection records etc.

Radiation - Documentation, local rules and training records for use of sealed radioactive sources.

Risk Assessment - Copies of all risk assessments for CAS activities, including archives of previous versions of assessments and other documents. The risk assessments are organised into the following categories:

Chemicals - All COSHH assessments and associated MSDS should be stored here. This is the primary location for these assessments, however copies should also be included in folders relating to instruments, labs and field projects where these chemicals are used.

Driving and Towing - Risk assessments relating to driving and towing activities.

Field Project Archive - Risk assessments and COSHH information relative to specific field projects. Data here was current at the time of each project, but is not updated as new versions are available. Risk assessments for new projects should draw on the latest versions located elsewhere.

Field Stations - Risk assessments relating to sites where CAS operates permenantly outside of the Simon Building, including rooftop areas on the University of Manchester campus. This is the primary location for these assessments, and should contain the latest version available as well as archive copies of previous versions.

Instruments - Risk assessments relating to individual instruments which are used in multiple locations (ie several labs, or lab and field sites), assessments relating to instruments which are permenantly located in specific lab need not be included here. This folder is the primary location for assessments relating to these instruments, but copies should also be placed in the folder for labs and field projects where these instruments are used. Copies of COSHH assessments relevant to specific instruments should also be placed in the instrument folders.

Labs - Contains risk assessments for all process which take place in each room. This is the primary location for assessments relating to instruments or processes which always take place in the same location.

Manual Handling - General risk assessments relating to these activities which may take place anywhere where CAS is operating.

Lab Induction and Training Records - Signed forms for each individual indicating that lab inductions have takne place and relevant risk assessments have been read and understood. (administrator access only)

University Safety Services - Includes safety toolkits, policy documents, blank forms and other guidance.